Corporate Client Testimonials

Our purpose: Shift the focus of healthcare from reactive medicine to proactive preventive care.
  • As a consultant, the value that Preventive Health brings to my client base is invaluable. They are able to provide information as an independent third party vendor that insurance carriers and health systems cannot while staying in the parameters of HIPPA. The aggregate reporting provides me an opportunity to help my clients analyze their benefits and to strategize a three to five year plan. The employees gain knowledge of their health and become more engaged in their health and benefits.

    Tara Tandrow, Employee Benefits

  • Working with Preventative Health was so easy! They provided the staff, privacy screens, and communication materials for our employees, all we had to do was provide a conference room and get the word out. The online sign-up process for our employees meant we didn't have to schedule appointments. Their staff is incredibly friendly and professional and feedback from employees was all positive. We had a great turnout and look forward to working with Preventative Health again in the future

    Elaine Molignoni, Twin Falls County

  • Preventative Health has been an amazing group to work with. Their staff are all very knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly helpful when dealing with our employees. I particularly appreciate the way the Preventative Health team works with us, start to finish, willing to make this simple process even easier on myself and my employees.

    Gina Cakebread, Jerome School District

  • Here at Boise State University, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Preventative Health as they have provided biometric screenings to both our employees and students. Their staff is amazingly friendly, professional, and organized not only during the actual screenings but also prior to and after each event. They've worked specifically with our population to meet our needs and are always willing to accommodate any requests we might have as well as helping us constantly revise and improve the process as it relates to our unique model.

    Michelle A. Ihmels, Ph.D., Director of Wellness Services

  • We enjoyed being able to offer so many personal services to our patients. Preventative Health was friendly, positive, and well managed. It was very easy to schedule our clinic with them.

    Jonni Maurer, Balance Chiropractic Clinic, Office Manager

  • The College of Idaho has enjoyed the services of Preventative Health at our Flu Shot Clinics and our Annual Health Fairs whereas they administered on-site biometric health screenings. They are extremely professional, friendly, well organized, prepared, and competent.

    The students, faculty and staff of the College of Idaho have benefitted from their expertise. Most of our students are in the needle phobia stage of human development, adolescence, but with the knowledge, skill, and understanding of Preventative Health the job gets done! I personally enjoy the ease of which they make their services available and the personal insight their services provide to each individual.

    The bottom line is…their tests provide the answers that many of us need to pursue professional medical services to develop our own wellness journey.

    I highly recommend and endorse their services.

    Barbie Vander Boegh, College of Idaho Health Services Director

  • Preventative Health provides clean, efficient, friendly, professional and painless services. They provide the best service and the best value in the business.

    Ellen Weiss, Business Manager, CW Moore Plaza

  • Preventative Health’s employees are friendly, efficient and well organized. We will use you again and highly recommend you to others.

    Sue Treinen, Washington Division of URS

  • Preventative Health is always ready to go, on time, efficient and great to work with. We love working with you and recommend you to other businesses.

    Carol Squibb, Edmark Superstore

  • Preventative Health is very organized and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend them to others.

    Celinda Downey, BMC West

  • Our company has utilized the services of Preventative Health for Biometric Wellness Screenings and the administration of Seasonal Flu Shots, both, within the last year. Preventative Health provided a seamless process for our employees with all of their clinics. They were very communicative before, during and after and very well organized, professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Our employees were all very happy with their experience.
    We were extremely pleased with our experiences with Preventative Health and plan to use them for all of our screenings and flu shots.

    Ann Marie Beck, Oppenheimer Companies, Inc.

  • Preventative Health's services were very convenient for our employees. Half of our employees would not get annual preventative care without this service. Preventative Health’s services were perfect!

    Kathy Boehlke, Business Manager, Mountain View Equipment Co

  • We utilize Preventative Health for our internal Life and Wellness Expo events. We experienced nothing less of amazing service with them and are looking forward to working with them again in the future.

    Everything was very well organized and coordinated and they took a big burden off of the HR department with their follow up’s to our employees. For those employees who were not comfortable getting flu shots and blood screens at the expo some practitioners even made individual trips to individual offices to accommodate their preferences. They have a very positive staff and are quick to respond with any questions you may have. They are very flexible with organizations and go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. I would recommend their Blood Screenings and Flu Shot services to anyone.

    Michelle Martin, HR Specialist,

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